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Website Upload Logo Pure Springs PNG

Pure Springs is a newly improved business based in Portsmouth supplying commercial and domestic cleaning services. 

Lets do
the logo first

Working with Pure Springs was a little different to most of our clients. For starters, around 90% of our clients are male. This project was focused on keeping the logo looking “fresh and clean” to work hand-in-hand with its industry. The Design Lime team decided to go with the blue water droplet while also going for a floral design to pull the the “spring” part of the company name. 

Website Upload Logo Pure Springs PNG
mac comp puresprings

people involved

The Design Lime team sat down with the team at Pure Springs and asked them what their reasons are, for having a website. Thankfully they already had a solid understanding that the website will just be a simple information website to let customers know about the services they offer. 


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