Leave your business installed in your customers brain.

There is going to come a point when your out and about and you bump into a potential customer. Time to whip out your special weapon, im of course talking about your shiny business cards. Make sure your cards have at least a company logo, company name, a phone number and of course, your name. 

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Business Cards

Just a little bit of pocket power or something to keep in the van. You never know when your going to need to give out a card so make sure you plan for every occasion. If you don’t have a design then let Design Lime take care of it.

Flyers & Leaflets

Design Lime can help you reach your potential customers through print advertising. Technology and new printing equipment has made a huge impact on bringing the print cost down so take advantage of hard copy print advertising.

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You’ve finished a boiler change or a consumer unit change, slap a sticker on the unit to let customer know who to call if there is a problem. 

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Design Lime can now provide and design your advertisement board. If there is a big project your involved in then let people know that your business is a part of it. Its become more popular now to leave your sign outside a project or even left in the window. The aim of the game is exposure!

Brochures & Notepads

This is a more premium service we supply to the Design Lime clients but its something you may want to include in your business strategy. If your providing a premium service then you need the premium products to showcase your work. Push the boat out and get some brochures printed to close that all important customer!

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