5 Reasons Why You Need a Website as a Tradesman

5 reasons why you need to get your business online

Nowadays, businesses rely heavily on the Internet to get new customers. While referrals and word of mouth marketing can still keep your business afloat, unfortunately, it needs more than that if you’re looking to scale up. Apparently, numerous tradesmen make the mistake of ignoring the power of a visible online presence in their business and because of that, they’re missing a ton of potential customers. Hence, by simply refusing to go digital, you are limiting your growth potential to your network. So if you want to reach more people outside your own circle, you’ve got to take things up a notch.

Now, some people would say it’s expensive or they don’t even know how to begin or how that works or others would even argue that they’re already earning a decent sum from their friends’ recommendations so why the need to spend for a website? But actually, setting up your own website is so much easier and a lot more cost-effective than you think, because if you can get yourself out there, all the money, time, and effort are going to be worth it when the calls start coming in.

If you’re still undecided about whether you should get yourself a website, then here are five reasons why it is actually crucial for your business

1. A website gives the impression that you really mean business.

In this digital age, a web presence can spell a huge difference in your customers’ first impression. A profile on Facebook or some other social media channel won’t make the cut because a website will not only represent who you are and what you do, but it also exudes professionalism and legitimacy. With a website, people will know that you exist, you are legit and that you are the real deal.

Moreover, a website enables your business to be a thousand times more accessible to your market. It’s going to be the first thing that people will look for once they hear about you so you need to make sure that that information is always available, otherwise, you run the risk of losing potential clients to your competitors who have a more established online presence.

2. A website is a great platform to showcase your skills and services.

Today, you can no longer go around just telling people how good you are or how satisfied your past customers were of your service. You need to show it. And the only way to showcase your expertise and build social proof is through your website. A custom-made website will enable you to do just that; it will also help you to best communicate your unique selling proposition to your prospects. What makes you stand out from other tradesmen in the industry? What can you offer your customers? Why should they hire you? And then you have to back this up with a portfolio coupled with positive reviews from real clients that you have served in the past.

3. A website is a great marketing channel.

These days, people look everything up on the Internet and that’s why we’ve coined the term “Google it!”. And so if people cannot google you, how do you expect them to find you? And if you’re not on Google, do you even exist? Having a page of your own makes you searchable on the web, it increases your visibility and market reach. And if you have a well-designed website with great and relevant content, your page will show up on the first page of the search results.

One trick we can share with you is publishing relevant and informational content for your customers through your website’s blog page. By doing so, you can capture their attention, drive in more traffic to your site, and ultimately, provide more value to your customers. Consequently, your page will also be viewed by search engines as more valuable than your competitors’ which would increase your search rankings and place you at the top of the search page results.

4. Online presence generates more leads.

Even if you’re not an eCommerce company, you will still be able to grow your sales through your website. For one, the more sales you close and the more positive reviews you gain, the more people will trust your business. Eventually, as you further build your reputation online, soon more calls will start coming in and more inquiries will begin flooding your inbox. You’ll also get customers whom you have no mutual connections with and have probably never heard about you before until they saw your website online. In essence, building your web presence is going to help you generate more leads and ultimately, close more sales.

5. Investing in a website is actually cost-effective.

What’s probably holding you back from investing in a website is the lack of technical know-how and the cost of building one. If you’re worried that you have no idea how to develop a website, know that you can always hire a professional to do it for you. You don’t even have to learn about web development, they can handle that for you so you can just focus on expanding your customer base and growing your sales.

On the other hand, if you couldn’t decide because you’re too scared of how much it’s going to cost you, fret not, because hiring a professional is more affordable these days. Moreover, think of it as an investment because in the long run it’s going to generate back the cost you spent to build it and it’s going to return that a hundredfold.

Final Thoughts

Especially now that we are facing a major shift towards digital transformation, traditional marketing strategies have become passé. For instance, flyers don’t work as effectively as they were before, but you can consider your website like a permanent page that is always available to your clients 24/7. Yes, it’s going to be an investment but again, it’s going to return that investment back to you. And what’s even great about it is that it markets itself and you just simply have to set it up!

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