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you may be a new business getting ready to take its digital steps, or you may be a successful business looking for a fresh new look. Either way Design Lime can work with you!

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We Build Websites

The team at Design Lime have been building websites for over 10 years collectively, working in a number of industry and niches. Only for the past year (2019) has the Design Lime team fully focused on servicing the construction industry. Design Lime now are know as a leading company for building websites for tradesman.

We Design

Building websites for tradesman was the start of the journey. The Design Lime team then focused on providing a more complete design solution for our clients. Design Lime has now designed over 150 logos for tradesman.

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We Provide

Introducing the most recent addition to the Design Lime operation is uniform, print and embroidery. The team at Design Lime noticed a number of requests for uniform design and mostly embroidery to which we couldn’t provide BUT NOW WE CAN!

We supply
your print

Dont be that business that has nothing to hand over when your potential customers ask for a business card. It makes you look like a cowboy and also tells the client your not organised. They cost pennies to print and there a simple way to win some nice work. 

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We manage
your social
social media

After we have designed your logo, built your website, printed your business cards and leaflets, embroider your uniform, it is now time to get social booming! We have the skills and know-how to get your business seen online. Its easy to assume social media wont work for your business but that is where your customers spend a huge amount of time. Its all about targeting!